There are several key themes that Cityware works with to advance its aims and goals for its research these include:

Cityware themes

Designing space: The concept of designing space comes from the spatial environment of urban space which is in terms of outside and within architectural buildings. We will develop space ideas that respond to communication issues from pervasive technologies. By using analysis of empirical data on how people use urban space, Cityware will be able to come up with smart solutions for issues relating to designing space.

Security, Privacy & Trust

Citizens and visitors must feel secure, that their privacy is respected and that they trust the space that they are in. We at Cityware are passionate about a world where electronic applications and services can be embedded into urban environments to create security, privacy and trust.

Context awareness

Cityware believes that one aspect that can change the role of computing in everyday life is pervasive computing infrastructures. These infrastructures will deal with the information that applications will need to gather.

User engagement

The crux of technology is engaging users across all spectrums. The Cityware project is dedicated to working with users to see how pervasive systems affect the lifestyles of users in Bath.