What Cityware does

Every day of our working lives is built around systems. Whether it is the IT systems that you use at work to connect to the internet or the systems that support the environment around us, systems are all around us. How those systems connect with each other to inspire how people live is inspired by urban design principles and pervasive systems research.

Cityware wants to chisel its ideas on space and interaction to see how they affect how people live. In order to achieve this, there has to be total understanding about urban design.

Details about research

Some of the latest research Cityware undertook includes how architecture of buildings and rooms should focus on urban design. Urban design affects the architecture of rooms and buildings because without urban design, it is impossible to have architecture that will suit the people who are living there. The reason why architecture is important to our research is because we acknowledge the importance of cities being systems of space where the physicality of architecture is ever-present. Features such as how pedestrians move between buildings and how land is used are all integrated into the research that Cityware undertakes. One example of the importance of space is seen through the Broadgate development around Liverpool Street station in London.

Innovation is crucial

When doing research about city-scale requirements, it is important to have innovative techniques of research. Adapting classical solutions such as caching to the new way of doing things is important because technology such as sensors makes it easier to conduct the all important pervasive research that Cityware does.

Interdisciplinary research

There is a lot to be gained from the deep research of interdisciplinary thought processes such as architecture and computer science. One good example about how important architecture is in relation to space and privacy is the potential theft of cash machines that are in public places. It is important that the construction of cash machines has respect for private interaction space to ensure that private details such as PINs are protected. Privacy of data in public spaces is of utmost importance and connects to how seriously architecture is taken within space.

This is why interdisciplinary research is vital for urban design and pervasive systems research. By using hybrid research from computer science disciplines, architecture and distributed systems for example, we can learn how to assess pervasive systems on a city-scale level.

Through interdisciplinary ideas and in-depth research, the projects undertaken by Cityware address the issues of design and systems and how they can affect people and the environment in the long-term.